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CSG 1000 Standard Dryer
Brand Jin Machine
Origin China
Volume 500L- 2500 L
Air Flow Max 1000 m3/h
DAG Series DAG-2 beds Dry Air Generater
Drying Temp Max 200 ℃
Installed Power Depends
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Jin Machine
500L- 2500 L
Air Flow
Max 1000 m3/h
DAG Series
DAG-2 beds Dry Air Generater
Drying Temp
Max 200 ℃
Installed Power
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CSG 1000 series Standard Dryer

CSG series dehumidifying dryers are composed of HB series hoopers and   DAG series   dry air   generators. They can automatically   adjust   the   control   parameters   according to   various   temperature changes, such as material temperature and air temperature, so   as to achieve intelligent control, improve efficiency and save energy.

CSG 2000 standard dryer is a kind of medium dehumidifying dryer, composed of one DAG 2 beds   dry air generator and   one HB   standard drying hooper.   It adopts traditional two desiccant   beds drying technology and further   optimize   the structure of equipment in order   to meet all kinds   of production   requirements   with flexible collocation of hooper sizes. It is drying capacity is from 120 kg/h to 600 kg/h.

This series are applicable to dehumidification of all kinds of engineering plastic   granules and pellets,   for various plastic granulation   production lines, extrusion production lines and injection molding   production   lines.


Technology Advantages

DAG-2 beds dry air generatorHB-Srandard drying hooper

1.Simens PLC control, whichcan work continuously and automatically 24 hours without human   operation.

2. Automatic dewpoint control system, until the dew point down to - 25 , PLC program automatically replace new desiccant bed to work.

3.Central heatingcontrol system, which can control multiple HB series drying hoopers in one set.

4. Material temperature control system, candisplay the material temperature in 4 large areas of   the barrel and analyze thedrying effect.

5. Intelligentself-adjusting PID temperature control, 60 to 300

6.No need forcooling water, just ordinary circulating water is ok.

7.No moving partsin the whole machine, is safe and reliable.

8.Self-diagnosing function, to automatically determine fault location, such as dew point,   temperature,electrical fault, etc.

9.10.2-inchSimens touch screen, visual and audible device control and failure alarm.

10. Scientificdesigned structure, reasonable, beautiful, firm and durable structure.

1. Double-layer drying hooper,with mirror stainless steel inside, smooth and pollution-free, and orange stripes aluminum plate outside, simple and   beautiful.   The insulation   layer is wet aluminum silicate cotton, with excellent insulation performance.

2. 5000L Maximum volume, the hooper body structure is scientifically designed   without   dead angle of material flow.

3. All-round safety protection, firm and durable, reliable and beautiful.

4. largestainless steel double-layer observation door, it is convenient   to observe and   clean while drying.

5. One heater with PLC control, the heating power is up to 48kw,and equipped with    bimetal thermometer, temperature control switch, triple safety, stable and reliable.

6. Continuous measurement of material temperature in 4 areas to show customers   the   change of raw material temperature.