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Brand Jin Machine
Output 100kg-1300kg
Power 0.75kw-7.5kw
Origin China
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X900G Hopper Loader

JIN MACHINE Hopper loader is widely used in the raw material conveying industry of injection molding machines, extruders, and other equipment. When there is a lack of material in the bin of the plastic central feeding system, it will give a signal to the hopper loader.

Hopper loader USES the principle of pumping to convey the plastic raw materials to the injection molding machine barrel when the material reaches a certain degree, the hopper loading will stop, until the material is not enough to convey again. Is to achieve full automation of production of auxiliary equipment


Product NameHopper Loader
Motor Power0.75~7.5 KW
Transport Capacity300~1300 Kg/h
Lift3.5~5 M
Capacity7.5~51 L

Plastic Loader Features

Perfect structure design

All open design structure, the maintenance of the floor type fan station, easy to control, the working status of the display.
Humanized alarm standard high-frequency flashing light alarm device, when the lack of material or fault, to avoid the due to not the timely lifting of the warning caused by the environment of the workshop by the high pitched buzzer alarm generated noise annoyance and pollution, influence staff's normal work.
The microcomputer control system can be used to accurately control the operation of the operating panel configuration indicator light, can clearly understand the operation of the machine.
Microprocessor memory using EEPROM, not due to power failure or other reasons for the loss of set information, can be permanently saved.
Free with the combination
System by 1-3 ceiling hopper and a host of maintenance-free fan control station combined into a small central feeding conveying system or used alone blower station and a suction hopper for transportation of raw materials.
Efficient automated operation
Quickly and clean will plastic raw materials are sent to the molding machine hopper, drying equipment, and storage silo, timely and accurate plastic raw materials transported to the designated location, can ensure the continuous production process.
To avoid the lack of material caused by production, production workshop without raw materials scattered phenomenon, improve the work site clean and safety hazards, while eliminating the need for human resources.
Humanization of cleaning and maintenance
With a separate filter body, clean up the convenient and effective reduction of dust blocking high-pressure fan, reduce the load of the wind turbine.
Stainless steel hopper and hopper filter design, clean and convenient, avoid the two pollutions of raw materials.