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PET/PP Strap Production Line
Brand Jin Machine
Output 50-800kg/h
Origin China
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PET/PP Strap Production Line

PET strap, also known as plastic steel band, which is used in place of steel on the world of a new environmentally friendly packaging materials. It has the tensile strength of steel belt, has good ductility and impact resistance, is not easy to break, and has small extension.

It have been widely used in the steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum ingots, paper, brick kiln.industry, screw industry, tobacco industry, electronics, texties and wood, etc.; is replaced by a new high strength steel strapping, is the world' s most widely used for steel products.



Screw Feeder & Crystallizer & Dryer

The flakes are dried by low dew point air to reduce the moisture to less than 150 ppm

a) Constant crystallizing and drying system

b) High efficient dryer with molecular seive instead of homecomb dryer

c) Lower energy consumption


Extruder & Melt Metering Pump & Melt Filter

Melt the PET flakes and provide constant pressure of PET melt

a) Large melt impurity filter,reduce times of screen change

b)Stabilize melt pressure into mold

c)To ensure consistent of strap specification, thickness and width


Cooling Bath

Cooling the PET strap from the mould,circulating cooling water

a) Stainless Steel 304

b) Recycling water to keep cool

c) Special design to keep less movement of straps


Heat Setting

Preheat in the heat oven before stretcher

a) Constant air flow to keep strap stable

b) Suitable heat temperature to keep strap soft enough to strech


Five Rollers Strectcher

Stretch strap and increase the tension

a) twice stretch to get the required width, thickness and tension of strap

b) Low moisture content and High IV can suffer twice stretch


Embossing Machine

Two side of strap embossing, increase the friction

a) can be set according to user requirements, embossing design

b) The accuracy error is less than 0.01mm

c) Use Cr12Mov material

d) 61-62℃ Vacuum treatment


Setting and Cooling Return Air Box

Setting the strap with heating and cooling (patent design)

a) automatically strap winding in the box

b) constant hot and cool air to ensure the suitable temperature of straps


Winding Machine

Automatic winding, weighting and metering

a) Automatical servo and PLC control

b) Automatical tension control

c) Both weight and length acumulation

Technical parameters: