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Plastic Recycling Washing Line
Brand Jin Machine
Output 500kg-3000kg
Origin China
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Plastic Recycling Washing Line


1. Description & Applications

PET bottle flake crushing and washing complete set is a bottle washing equipment that our company digests and absorbs foreign advanced technology, and develops, designs and manufactures it by ourselves.The equipment is divided into debaler, bottle washing, sorting, metal removal, crushing, floating washing, steam washing, friction washing, de-watering, drying and packaging.

This equipment produces high-quality PET bottle flakes, which can be used to produce long-fiber products such as PET recycled polyester and other PET-related products, which has completely changed the history of recycled PET bottle flakes that can only be used as staple fiber and not recycled polyester filament. The production line is designed with reasonable supporting technology, high degree of mechanization, low investment, convenient use and maintenance, and has been exported to domestic and abroad, and has been well received by users.

2. Principle and Characteristics

a. It can realize automatic unpacking of bottle bricks. At the same time, through continuous bottle washing, the sediment and impurities can be cleaned. PE labels, paper labels and some PVC labels can also be removed. Higher utilization;

b. Sorting platform can remove heterogeneous bottles, heterochromatic bottles, label scraps, metal objects and garbage, etc., to ensure that PET bottles enter the next stage;

c. Designed for the crushing of PET bottle body, it has the characteristics of smooth feeding, stable output, low energy consumption, low vibration and noise value, strong structure, low maintenance cost, long service life, etc. At the same time, wet crushing is used to strengthen the impact of water In addition to the cleaning effect of PET chips, frictional heat is reduced due to the cooling effect of water, PET debris is reduced, and knife life is extended;

d. The float washing, hot washing, rubbing and rinsing sections are the final purification of PET bottle flakes, which mainly rely on three major washing forces: mechanical force, chemical force and heat. Other impurities, etc.

e. Dewatering and finished product packaging section, mainly dewatering and packaging bottle flakes.



Belt Conveyor

Mineral water bottle conveyor belt conveyor This conveyor belt is mainly used for horizontally and inclinedly conveying bottle and bottle bricks.

The conveyor belt has anti-skid and anti-slip baffles on the conveyor belt. The bottle conveying efficiency is high, especially the feeding port. The feeding workers can feed safely and efficiently.

Waste plastic bottle flakes and PET mineral water bottles are the linking equipment between before and after the receiving of materials and a single machine. The power is 0.55 kilowatts and the output is 1 ton / hour.



PET waste plastic bottle brick unpacking and starting machine PET plastic bottle brick unpacking machine is used
for unpacking and compressing plastic bottle bricks that have been compressed and packed.
After the plastic bottle bricks are unpacked, PET bottles are conveniently put into the washing line for cleaning ,
Power 11 kW, output 10 tons / hour.


Double Screw Loader

PET bottle large space bottle conveying auger double screw conveyor. Due to the large space double auger design of conveying auger, it is very suitable for PET bottles that require large space and light weight mineral water bottle materials to be transported in large quantities.

The use of power is 6 kilowatts, and the output is 6-10 tons / hour.


Sorting Table

The waste plastic screening belt screening machine and automatic sorting machine bottle pass through the manual screening section, which can remove heterogeneous bottles, heterochromatic bottles and garbage from PET bottles, and ensure that the cleaner PET bottles enter the next section;

You can purchase a fully automatic automatic sorting machine with a power of 3 kW and an output of 10 tons / hour.


Metal Detector

Detecting metals automatically

Width: 1000mm

Precise metal detection: 2 mm



a. The high-performance pulverizer specially developed for the recycling of waste plastics is suitable for both dry and wet pulverization. Wet pulverization forms strong cleaning.

b. Application:

Specially used for containers of various shapes made of any plastic material, including PET, PE, PP, PC, PS, PA, ABS, etc .; Shapes include compressed or uncompressed cans, bottles, boxes, buckets, baskets or Similar shapes ..... etc.

c.Character istics:

  • The crushing working space is specially designed for the shape of container, with fast feeding and discharging, no accumulation, no elastic material, no repeated cutting, the particle size of discharging material is relatively neat and uniform, less powder.

  • The special design of the rotary knife axis angle forms a labor-saving and quiet cutting angle. The output load is stable during crushing, the vibration is small, the effective power is increased, and the service life of the transmission system and structure is increased

  • The tiltable body structure provides a safe, fast, and labor-saving maintenance method, and the average maintenance time is reduced by half compared with that of an ordinary grinder

  • The main bearing seat is outside the machine body, easy to maintain, not affected by the temperature and leakage of the grinder, increasing the service life

  • Body structure and operation safety meet CE standards

Our company specially designed crusher for PET bottle crushing, which has the characteristics of smooth feeding, stable work, low energy consumption, low vibration and noise, strong structure, low maintenance cost and long service life. At the same time, in addition to using the impact of water to enhance the frictional cleaning effect of PET chips, wet crushing also reduces frictional heat due to the cooling effect of water, reduces PET debris, and extends tool life.


Screw Loader

Spiral auger conveyor for waste plastic bottle flakes. Safe and efficient conveying of waste plastic flakes and PET mineral water bottles. It is a linking device before and after the receiving of materials and a single machine.

The power is 3 kW and the output is ~ 1-2 tons / hour


Floating Washer

PET bottle flake washing and rinsing machine rinsing tank When the bottle body is crushed, a small amount of bottle caps and bottle rings are crushed together.

The manufacturing materials of bottle caps and bottle rings are PP or HDPE, which must be excluded. After the crushed pieces are mixed, the difference in specific gravity between different plastics (~ 1.3 / ~ 0.8) is used, and water with a specific gravity of 1 is used as a medium. Under the action of separation and floating washing of a floating washing machine, PET bottle flakes can be precipitated, The bottle cap and bottle ring fragments are floated and removed, so that the PET fragments can be repurified.

The power is 16 kW, and the output is 1 ton-2 ton / hour.


De-watering Machine

High-speed de-watering dryer is used to de-watering and dry the cleaned PET bottle flakes. The 360-degree stainless steel net has the best dewatering effect.

The de-watering PET bottle flakes can be used to spin chemical fiber or make other plastic products. Dewatering and drying effect is better.

Mineral water bottle polyester bottle flake horizontal dehydrator dryer Ideal equipment for dehydration and drying of PET mineral water bottle flakes, with a power of 11-18.5 kilowatts, and a good dehydration effect, up to 2%, which is very suitable for small and medium bottle washing plants.


Steam Washer

mainly rely on three washing forces: mechanical force, chemical force and heat force Hot washing, friction through high-speed friction machine and rinsing of bottle flakes with rinsing machine and fresh water can completely remove impurities, glue, potions and other impurities in the bottle flakes, and reduce the total impurity content of PET bottle flakes to 100ppm Range, cleaning and production of high-quality PET bottle flakes, which can be mixed in raw materials to produce chemical fiber products such as long fiber, hot washing machine power 7.5-11 kilowatts, output 1 ton-2 tons / hour.


Friction Washer

Through the injection of high pressure water, the effective removal of chemicals and impurities