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Double Shaft Plastic Shredder
Brand Jin Machine
Output 200kg-12500kg
Power 22-60kw
Origin China
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Double Shaft Plastic Shredder

Double shaft waste plastic shredder/shredding machine
Double shaft shredder is used for plastic lumps, die material, big block material, HDPE, PVC thick wallpaper and other plastic material which is difficult to process by the crusher machine. It is with good shaft structure design, low noise, durable use, and the blades are changeable.

plastic shredder

Product Name: Plastic Shredder, HDPE Shredder, Plastic Bottle Shredder, Plastic Recycling Shredder, Twin Shaft Shredder

Output: 200~12500 Kg/h

Motor Power: 22~60 KW

Number of Blades: 28~74 PCS

Blade Material: SKD-11


1. The shredder machine with the big feeding mouth, it can put the big plastic or rubber product freely.
2. The rotary and cutting blade with edge of special design, it can get very high efficiency and high capacity.
3. The shredder machine is controlled by a PLC system; the blade can rotate in the opposite direction and close automatically if something unexpected happens; with a very high safety service.
4. The shredder machine runs slowly with low noise and less dusty.
5. The blade material with special alloy steel made, with a long life.


1. Low noise, low energy consumption
2. Unique power design, detachable, and convenient for cleaning, maintenance, and service
3. PLC program control, safe and reliable utilization, over-load protection, automatic reset
4. Strong shredding capacity and frame